With spring now fully underway, and “Redbud Winter’s” whoopee cushion exhale of cold weather now just a memory, my dining partner and I have b…

Special Report: COVID-19

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All Tennesseans 16 and older will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine no later than April 5.

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April 19, 1884: The Comet published these health hints, some of which we would do well to heed today. “Don’t shake a hornet’s nest to see if any of the family are at home.”

April 18, 1872: The Herald and Tribune lamented, “A pound of sugar was recently returned to the store at which it was purchase (sic) with a polite note stating that it contained too much sand for table use and of enough for building purposes. Does any Jonesboro’ sugar dealer plead guilty?”

April 17, 1868: The East Tennessee Union Flag printed a recipe for Cottage Pudding. “One pint of flour, two teaspoonfulls (sic) of cream of tartar, a little salt, a piece of butter as large as an egg, one cupfull (sic) of white sugar, one egg, a large teacup of milk with a teaspoonfull of so…

April 16, 1869: The Union Flag regaled its readers with a funny story. “A little fellow had a dirty face and his teacher told him to go and wash it. He went out and stayed for a few minutes, and then came back with the lower half of his countenance tolerably clean and the upper half wet and …