If you were planning a visit to Gray 5 million years ago, you would want to dress like you were headed to Atlanta, Georgia, but pack rain gear like you would for Tampa, Florida. That’s according to an estimate of the ancient climate of the Gray Fossil Site, part of the results of a new study…

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Jan. 25, 1872: The Herald and Tribune, a newspaper in Jonesborough, reported, “We hear many complaints, among our citizens, about the failure of springs and wells. Should this continue, water next summer will be an item.”

Jan. 24, 1889: The Comet reported, “Jumbo Hider (sic) is looking for the person who stole the borcelain (sic) eggs out of his hen’s nest last week. He offers a liberal reward for his arrest as he wants him to make hash for his bull dog (sic). A full description of the thief can be had by cal…

Jan. 23, 1890: The Comet reported on the arrest of the Bluff City postmaster. “F.E. Thomas, postmaster at Bluff City, was arrested Tuesday night for rifling the mails and lodged in jail at Bristol. A quantity of stolen money was found and identified. He secured about $400.”

Jan. 22, 1903: The Comet advised, “Where stores are lighted properly a stranger will always go. He shows prosperity, also that the owner has goods for inspection. It is a special invitation to call. Light up.”