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EMERALD ISLE, N.C., Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TransImpact announces the launch of its new Parcel Spend Intelligence software developed to help shippers improve visibility and make better decisions about the billions of parcels shipped each year. Parcel Spend Intelligence analyzes the data that inundates logistics systems and converts it into meaningful dashboards and actionable insights that empower shippers to lower costs, gain control of their carrier relationships, and delight customers.

A feature unique to Parcel Spend Intelligence is customizable Alerts. Users receive an email notifying them of issues such as address corrections, overmax packages, dimensional billing, and other surcharges and accessorials imposed by the carriers. With one click, users can drill into the problem directly and take action. Alerts can be set for KPIs or any other metric contained in the shipping data.

"We've been working towards being able to offer shippers a tool this flexible and powerful for a long time," said Norm Pollock, TransImpact's Chief Technology Officer. "The carrier invoices are complicated, and our team of experts has spent years understanding all of the fields, how they relate, and which are relevant for analysis. By loading the data into our tool, a client gains flexibility to look at data in multiple ways and then take action based on that factual insight."

TransImpact will offer hands-on demonstrations of Parcel Spend Intelligence at the Parcel Forum trade show, September 14–16, 2021. An interactive view of the Parcel Spend Intelligence Dashboard as well as information about pricing is available at

About TransImpact:

TransImpact is an industry leader in the development and application of end-to-end technology-based solutions that optimize supply chain operations, create dramatic efficiencies, and transform the business performance of customers. Formerly known as Transportation Impact, the company now serves over 1,000 customers and manages over a billion dollars in logistics spend. Through expert industry knowledge, an unrivalled service ethic, and intelligent insights we champion our customers' success and help them pioneer future-focused, innovative strategies that keep them ahead. We pride ourselves on creating value for our customers—and in the process, turning them into raving fans. Go to to learn more.

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