The Johnson City Press presents "From the Warehouse," a new music-driven series highlighting local and regional artists. Hoping to periodically provide homegrown acts with a video platform, the series is shot on premises (in an old city garage and battery warehouse) with the artists' permission.

According to Johnson City musician Jacob Moore, "The Whiskey Valentine is a concept album that i've been writing, recording, throwing away, and starting over with since about 2004. I finally finished it in 2010. Of the dozens of songs I have written to be a part of this only 5 songs really brought it together. They follow the life of a self loathing post-adolescent man who cannot seem to cross the bridge between who he is, and who he wants to become. In the mean time he pushes the only person he has ever loved out of his life completely."

Here's one of them. Check out "Young Professionals."