With Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked readers whether they would get a COVID-19 booster shot, should become available. Here are some of the responses we received.

I trust the pros

I will get the booster as soon as I can. I prefer to get my information from the professionals who know what they are talking about rather than from social media and rumors.


Johnson City

You bet your life

Yes, I will, and my thoughts in this matter are guided by Blaise Pascal, a 17th century philosopher. He argued that it was better to believe in God than not, because if God does not exist, you have lost nothing by believing in God.

On the other hand, if God does exist and you disbelieve in God, you face the possibility of eternal damnation. And if God does exist, you stand to receive eternal bliss if you believe in God.

This argument and line of reasoning is known to philosophers as Pascal’s Wager, because Pascal thought that people bet with their lives that God either exists or does not exist.

Applying Pascal’s Wager to the question of whether to get a COVID booster shot or not leads me to get the shot, because if the delta variant is a big scam, a bogeyman created by monks in Thailand, then I have lost nothing. On the other hand, if the delta variant is real and is as dangerous as reports indicate, then getting the shot affords me some more protection.


Johnson City

It’s the right thing to do

Absolutely we will get our COVID booster shoots!

We trust the overwhelming majority of reputable scientists who say it will almost 100% save us from hospitalization if we do contract COVID. Of course we want to protect ourselves and each other, but it’s not just about us. We want to protect our family from the disease and from caring for us if we become seriously ill or from losing us too soon; we want to protect our fellow human beings from the disease; we want to protect our hospitals and health care workers from dangerous overload; we want to protect our nation’s financial state by choosing a free $40 shot over possibly hundreds of thousands in Medicare benefits.

Yes, we will gratefully get the booster because it is the self-respecting, patriotic, and Godly thing to do.


Johnson City

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