Last week, the Tennessee Republican Party decided charging fees to candidates running in their party’s primaries for local, state and federal offices.

According to Press Senior Reporter Robert Houk, the filing fees will be charged on a sliding scale based on the reach of the office — from $25 for county commissioner to $5,000 for U.S. senator and governor.

The Republican Executive Committee believes the new fee will encourage members to be more involved with party activities and will ensure serious candidates are on ballots.

In 2020, a crowded field of 15 Republicans ran for U.S. Senate in Tennessee.

Others may be worried that the filing fees could discourage less-established candidates from seeking office. Career politicians and affluent office seekers will easily pay the costs, but newcomers may find them to be a higher fundraising hurdle in addition to the regular costs of a campaign.

These fees may help decide who will hold offices that will govern us in the future, and some of you may even be considering running for office, so we wanted to ask.

Should candidates pay to run for office? Will they help coalesce the party and strengthen potential candidates, or will they impose difficult restrictions for legitimate leaders?

Send your answers to Please include your name, telephone number and address for verification. Letters must be no longer than 300 words and will be edited for grammar, style and length.

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