Letters: Why did you move to the area?

With this week’s Question of the Week, we asked readers who recently moved to the area what brought them here. Here are some of the responses we received.

It checked all the boxes

Prior to moving here, July 2019, I hauled many a load through Cherokee National Park OTR R&J Trucking, often wondering what it would be like to live here and fish the creeks.

Approaching retirement, we did the research and all our requirement boxes were checked: taxes, escape from Democratic-controlled local government — Richland County, South Carolina — humidity, fire ants.

After settling in, enjoying many trout suppers, enjoying the evenings without being attacked by hordes of blood-sucking insects or sweat dripping from elbows, the decision to relocate went beyond our expectations.

The secret is out. Folks who want to live, work, and play will find Northeast Tennessee.

I would encourage the government to tighten new home specs and warranties.



Mom needed help

We moved two years ago to Jonesborough. We moved from the West Virginia panhandle.

We had been visiting the area for 15 years when my mom came here. We lost my stepdad from cancer and mom needed help. She is raising my niece who is 12 now.

There are five in the Heavner household.

As for what needs to change, driving instructions, car insurance, cops that know it’s not always the bike’s fault and notifies family about accidents. This is unfortunately something we found out the hard way a year ago. We weren’t contacted by anyone from the police about an accident that resulted in life threatening injuries.

Otherwise we have enjoyed the slower pace.



Wouldn’t change a thing

We moved to Johnson City last fall after beginning our retirement relocation planning in 2019 prior to the onset of COVID. We took a map of the U.S., crossed out where we didn’t want to live, and started looking in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, settling in on Johnson City.

Johnson City has a moderate climate with four seasons and is in a perfect location for folks like us who enjoy hiking. It’s not too hot, not too cold and away from severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and forest fires. The cost of living is quite reasonable and we found an older house in a nice walkable neighborhood close to all the necessary amenities (groceries, general shopping, hospital, car dealers, post office, etc.).

Life in Johnson City has been wonderful. It was an easy transition where we feel very welcomed by our wonderful neighbors.

I would not change anything to make folks feel welcome.


Johnson City

Living near history

We, being part of the 809 new residents of Jonesborough, moved to the area in July ’17, from Brevard, N.C.

Our daughter, who works at the VA Hospital and lived in Johnson City, wanted us to live closer to her. We are originally from Spokane, Washington; moved east in 1958, and have lived in Washington, D.C.; the surrounding suburbs; Annapolis, Maryland; and Mount Pleasant/Charleston, South Carolina, before “retiring” to the mountains of North Carolina; and now to the hills and valleys of East Tennessee.

We love the fact we are living in yet another area full of our country’s history!



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