Crypto mining not so loud

Classic NIMBY — not in my backyard.

I recently drove out to Telford to check out the Red Dog Bitcoin Mining operation to see what all the hubbub was about. I have to say that I don’t see what the problem is. All you can see is a big fence with a noise mitigation barrier that looks like vapor barrier on an unfinished house. It is not a pretty facility but it is not terribly obtrusive either.

As far as the noise level, I really don’t get that part of the complaint. From inside my car, I had to roll down the windows to even begin to hear the “noise” from the cooling fans. I was at the scary story event, the last time the Storytelling Festival was held for real, and at the very climax of the teller’s scary story, a train came through downtown Jonesborough. Now that was loud and annoying and yet people live with that railroad noise year round. Same thing if you live on a busy street or highway.

The setting for Red Dog is not, in my opinion, an idyllic scenic setting either. It is a nondescript facility emitting a low volume of noise in a very lightly populated area.

Others may disagree, but for me it is much ado about nothing.



The high cost of cold weather

Thank the lord for the cold snap with a few inches of snow! I was worried that BrightRidge might not be able to give us their holiday season traditional high January bills and get their bonuses!

You know the bills … where a barn with one electric fence that averages $25 every month goes to $75. Dang cows with their Christmas lights and holiday parties! As long as bitcoin locations don’t have to pay property taxes and make the board members money.



Business on Walnut Street

I remember taking guitar lessons in the upstairs of Cates Music Store, buying fountain drinks in a collectible glass at Shamrock, and ordering a shake at Hardees — back in the ’70s. Let’s also not forget the cool factor of browsing at Back Door Records and mingling at Poor Richard’s. Not everything has to cater to ETSU students, especially since many dollars were invested to “flip” the D.P. Culp Center.

Now Steak-N-Shake, Boar’s Head Deli, and Starbucks are the go-to eating places in the Student Center (quite a plethora compared to the dingy days of the Buc Deli and the Rathskellar in the ’80s and ’90s).

I would love to see an art gallery that features work of several local artists every month, as well as an independent bookstore come to the Walnut Street area.

Please, no more microbreweries, fast food joints, and banal businesses that are tired and whose business models became extinct long ago. Think bakery or bubble tea shop, or a “food hall” open concept.

More greenspaces are nice, and make walking and biking safer, but please: no more “artisanal” burger joints or CBD markets! How about offering more international food genres (like Portuguese or Middle Eastern?) in that area? And, what’s the plan for expanding public art in the area? How about a 24-hour bowling alley?

Just food for thought …



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