Celebrating award-winning teachers

After reading in the Press yesterday about the tragic death of one of my former high school students, I was thrilled to open the paper this morning to the wonderful news that Morgan Rankin, a South Side teacher, has been named the Tennessee Teacher of the Year.

I met Morgan and her husband, Dr. John Rankin, a history professor at ETSU, several years ago when they moved here from Canada. As outstanding teachers, they have made a wonderful contribution to our community. I also want to congratulate the teachers at South Side.

My three sons attended South Side many years ago; it had wonderful teachers and staff then and obviously still does.


Johnson City

City should support farmers market

What is going on with the Johnson City Farmer’s Market?

These farmers for years had to sell their beautiful, fresh produce from the back of a pick-up truck under a tent in a paved lot. Then the city built a beautiful pavilion downtown that provided shade and even a rest room. Now in recent weeks the farmers are back in the hot sun under a tent in an unpaved parking lot.

I understand that there will be special events at Founders Park that will occasionally push the farmer’s out. I just do not understand why they are not allowed to use the full pavilion when there are no events in the park.

Why are they being charged to use the Pavilion? The Farmer’s Market brings lots of people downtown that help other businesses as well. I hope the city re-thinks this policy.


Johnson City

Lee is a void of leadership

Tennessee children are falling ill and dying at tragic rates, and Governor Lee fails to even lift a finger to help. He agrees that vaccines are our ticket to controlling the pandemic, but he does worse than nothing to encourage vaccinations.

He fired the head of the state’s vaccine program, Dr. Michelle Fiscus, who was actively working to get people vaccinated. Tennessee is among the bottom 10 states for vaccinations and the sixth worst for COVID cases. Having failed to get people vaccinated, our only hope is for people to wear masks so they do not spread the virus to vulnerable people around them.

Our youngest children cannot be vaccinated, so they are vulnerable. The sickest of our children are even more vulnerable and our governor not only fails to protect them, he forces schools to allow children to attend without masks where they can spread the virus to those around them. We have schools full of children who cannot be vaccinated and parents are allowed to send their children to those schools without masks.

Is there any wonder that 40% of current cases are children and our children’s hospitals are overwhelmed? And GovernorLee’s response? He has “no plans” to change anything.

His is a complete void of leadership. We desperately need leadership in Tennessee. We need leaders who care that people are dying and that our hospitals are being overwhelmed by the sick and dying.

Tennessee, we can do better than this. Governor Lee has got to go.



America changed

Are you happy, Dems? Are you proud of your “President?”

Hundreds? Thousands? of U.S. citizens and allies left behind, 13 heroes slaughtered, thousands? millions? of women and children subjugated to less than human status (where are you “feminists?”), negotiating with terrorists, thousands of terrorists pouring over our borders! Satisfied yet?

Maybe when, not if, when we have a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, you will finally be satisfied. You wanted to change America. Well, you have.

We have gone from a respected and feared worldwide hope to worldwide humiliation. Congratulations!

God help us!



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