Letters: Safe driving, Presidential economics, Admiring murals

Don’t make dangerous

intersection worse

As a resident of East Highland Road, I am concerned about plans for the west end of that road. Its intersection with South Roan Street has always been hazardous, as attested by the sign reading “HILL RESTRICTS VIEW.”

Redirecting the road to intersect at the crest of the hill does little to reduce that danger. Those turning right (north) from West Highland Road onto South Roan have little time to gauge traffic coming up from the very close intersection with University Parkway, and those turning left (south) onto South Roan would have trouble merging into a lane backed up from the traffic light.

Who would pay for the road construction needed, the taxpayers? There was nothing in the front page 5/11 Press article indicating that Dollar General would be financing this.

Not far from this location, at the intersection of Legion Street and King Springs Road is an empty, abandoned lot that could easily hold a Dollar General store. There is a 4-way stop there, with good visibility in all directions.

I oppose the use of taxpayer money for road construction to trade one dangerous intersection for another one just as dangerous, merely to accommodate a business wishing to install an eyesore into a beautiful neighborhood. Especially when there is a safer alternative nearby.


Johnson City

The buck stops here

In regards to Ms. Jean Hall’s letter in the Press on Sunday, May 8, 2022:

While the president has no direct control of the economy, his policies and that of his administration have great influence on it. National problems, rightly or wrongly, are generally associated with the president, just as successes are claimed as a result of their actions and/or policies. President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that said, “The Buck Stops Here.”

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A presidential candidate who makes comments about shutting down the fossil fuel industry and then after being elected cancels an oil pipeline, greatly reduces the areas where drilling is allowed, and further restricts them is sending a very negative message. One can hardly be surprised when that industry is not anxious to invest in future production. This, along with other issues, started fuel price increases before Russia invaded the Ukraine. And as the majority of items we purchase are moved by fossil fuel, rising fuel prices is a major driver of inflation.

When the White House and both Houses of Congress are controlled by the same political party, issues from spending, regulations,and other laws and policies are generally held to be the responsibility of the president and his party and their policies.

President Biden may not have shot a hole in the economy, but his actions and policies along with that of Congress and the rest of the executive branch have certainly injured it.


Johnson City

Nice murals

I’ll keep this simple.

What a delight it is to drive through the underpass on North Roan Street these days. Felipe Ortiz has brought joy with his colorful, transformative murals.

Thank you for sharing your art, Mr. Ortiz, and thank you, Johnson City.

More, please.


Johnson City

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