Be ready

Now that election day is over, it’s time to reflect on what’s happening in our country. First, let me say I am an independent, no party ties, thank goodness.

Biden says it’s going to be a dark winter, but he means that for the next four years. We need to resist his call for unity, because he wants it on his own terms. We need to fight everything that he tries to do that will weaken our country.

Let’s work to block his socialist agenda any way we can to save our country, but don’t expect any help from Republicans, because they are already folding like a cheap card table.

I have no confidence in our election system, because if a judge says signatures don’t have to match, that’s a dead giveaway of fraud.

Now for the media, myself and millions of other Americans have zero confidence that they will ever tell us the whole truth. The AP is the worst, because I have checked some of their reports and found that they are very misleading, and they leave out important facts they don’t agree with.

That brings us to the never-Trumpers who are so consumed with hate for Trump and America that they sold their soul to the devil to ensure that a weak puppet and radical socialist were elected. George Orwell thought big brother would be the government, but it turns out it’s Google, Facebook, and Twitter. These anti-American companies are the greatest danger to our democracy.

If you don’t like to be tracked, censored, or manipulated, I urge you to get off these platforms.

The only good thing to come out of this election is it’s a clear sign of the Rapture. Be ready.



COVID-19 compassion

In the past several months, I have heard many heartbreaking comments that are callous and minimize the suffering in our community due to COVID-19. This must stop — lives are at stake. We have the opportunity to take this epidemic seriously and value all life. We must choose to love our neighbors.

I have heard, “This is a mask-free area and we are not scared.” Wearing a mask is an act of love and respect. When I am masked, my faith is not weak. This act says that I value science and love my neighbors. I am thankful for leaders who support best practices to slow the spread of COVID-19.

I have heard, “This will all be over after the election and I don’t know of anyone who has died.” To the people in my sphere who have prayed alongside me for the over 280,000 Americans lost to this epidemic, including the nearly 16,000 who died in the two weeks past the election, I am deeply humbled by your empathy. It shouldn’t take knowing someone personally who has died from COVID-19 to care and follow the guidelines.

I have heard, “We just need to accept that people get sick and it’s mostly old people dying who were going to die anyway.” To those who listen to experts, rely on science, wear a mask, social distance, and have stopped gathering, I am appreciative for your understanding that COVID-19 is preventable.

This holiday season, we CAN change our behavior to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We can honor our front-line workers from the first responders, to the store clerks, and especially to the health care workers who are putting their lives on the line each day by staying apart, staying masked, and staying home — to show our love for our neighbors.