Letters: Opioid settlements, Vaccination, Jan. 6

With Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked readers how they believed settlement money from lawsuits against opioid makers and distributors should be spent. Here is a response we received.

We need treatment

This is in response to your question of the week. While abatement and outreach, as mandated by the settlement, are critical elements in the control of this drug epidemic, there is a greater need for treatment resources to assist families in dealing with their existing addiction problem(s). One of the most effective methods is a court-ordered admission to an inpatient rehabilitation facility. These are sorely lacking in Northeast Tennessee.

Therefore I suggest the following:

First, create Judicial Recovery Courts in the second and third Judicial Districts and/or enlarge those in the first and fourth Judicial Districts. Secondly, through a competing grant mechanism establish new or enlarged inpatient rehabilitation services in Johnson City. The rationale behind these suggestions is: to provide families with a means to get an addicted member into treatment and a local facility to provide that inpatient treatment. These are two of the many things that need to be done and they need to be done now.



These letters we received from readers about other issues of importance to them.

Vaccination is a choice

Let’s stop the hyperbole about children and the COVID vaccine.

Children 17 and under account for only .056% of the total number of deaths. The data shows kids are not likely to get COVID, and if they do, they are less likely to die from it. So not vaccinating your kid is not child abuse, it’s a choice that is supported by the data.

Let’s also stop comparing COVID to polio. Polio overwhelmingly affected children.

The flu kills 30,000 to 60,000 people every year, even with a flu vaccine. That’s deemed acceptable. Should we force everyone, including children, to get vaccinated and wear masks during the flu season? I have little doubt that there are some groups in this country that say yes.


Johnson City

Not a Jim Jordan fan

Kudos to Nancy Pelosi for making sure Jordan doesn’t sit on the “Jan. 6 coup attempt committee.”

Jordan has always been a bottom-feeder like the suckermouth catfish. For 4-plus years Ohio voters have been allowing him to roam the halls of Congress, smiling foolishly, sucking-up, and lying brazenly as he has supported the overthrow of our democracy. He resembles a grinning suckermouth with a fish hook caught in the corner of his mouth thinking that the shark (Trump) that holds the fishing pole is going to lead him to glory, not realizing he is being led directly to the frying pan.

He will just be one more of the many suckers that Trump has played, betrayed then disgraced. Jordan covered for his sauna buddy at Ohio State University as the team doctor who played him just as Trump is now doing. He also supported Kavanaugh during the Congressional hearings, trashing a credible, professional female witness. He is now openly supporting his third sexual abuser. Three strikes and you are out, “Jaundiced Jimbo.”


Valrico, Fla.

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