Don’t leave out nuclear

America is poised to lead the way on climate change. Humans are now seeing that sustainably produced electricity is the “energy-of-choice” to end the consumption of lifegiving oxygen and the production of polluting carbon dioxide. Everyone sees the value of harnessing energy from water, wind, and solar. Many exclude atomic energy because they fear what they don’t understand.

Radioactivity has been on planet Earth for billions of years. During this time plants and animals have evolved and flourished as the radioactivity levels have slowly decayed naturally. The level of the radioactive radiation is the key to sustainable life on Earth.

Like fossil fuels, humans have discovered, mined, and concentrated the radioactive elements. They were driven by a need to end World War II. Since then, many peaceful nuclear power plants have been designed, built, and operated worldwide. The technology has continued to develop and evolve toward safety and sustainability.

The United States of America is now in a unique position to lead the effort to replace fossil carbon with state-of-the-art nuclear energy. We are the world’s leader in safe, long-term storage of nuclear wastes deep in the Earth.

Instead of trying to put carbon dioxide back into the Earth, we should be putting our radioactive wastes safely and very deeply back into the Earth.

Let’s build the world’s best nuclear energy power plants, which will generate electricity continuously, 24 hours per day, to power efficient “electricity grids,” which can accept electricity from water, wind, and solar. Instead of building for nuclear world destruction, let’s build for nuclear world electrification.


Johnson City

Digital tickets should be sidelined

Science Hill, along with most TSSAA high schools, decided to go to a phone app for high school athletic games instead of printing tickets.

I don’t want to take a $1,000 cellphone to a ball game to get it lost, broken or stolen.

I also don’t want to hand it to a stranger, so they can validate tickets after they have already handled 2,000 other phones before mine.

Then I have to hand it to another stranger, so they validate my reserved seats after they have handled 500 other phones before mine.

If it is raining or snowing in this handoff, it also increases the likelihood of being damaged or ruined.

To add insult to injury, the “gofan” app is only compatible with iPhones and Apple, so it doesn’t work well with Androids.

If you order college tickets online, they all allow you to print your own tickets. This makes the TSSAA decision to use this app even more ludicrous. With COVID still in full swing, why are they subjecting fans and high school employees to an additional health risk?


Johnson City

The $10 theory of the universe

For the last five years or so, I have been carrying a brown leather bag just for $10 bills.

This small charity fund enables me to perform many acts of kindness. For instance, since there are so many homeless street people, I just give them one of my $10s. At least they could get a meal at a fast food restaurant.

Last week, I was in line with a young mom and her 4-year-old daughter. The little girl saw a cute children’s book about baby animals. Her mom said that she couldn’t afford the $8.98 to buy the little book. I turned around in the line to the register and handed “mom” one of my $10 bills and said, “this is for your little girl to read and enjoy.” That made my day since I so enjoy reading.

Sometimes, I pick up the cost of an order in a drive-through for the car behind me.

Even when I tip my yard service workers, they smile and say, “Oh, thank you!”

Now days, when I go to my local bank window, if I get cash, I just say “my usual,” and they return with $10 bills in a white envelope.

So, Hamilton is a famous play and the face on my favorite bill.


Asheville, N.C.

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