Thanks, husband

I am writing in regard to your leftist cartoon on June 21. I find it very offensive.

There is nothing suppressive about fighting voter fraud. Nothing suppressive about voter ID, proof of citizenship, outlawing ballot harvesting, etc.

Why should illegal aliens and felons be allowed to vote? What is wrong with purging voter rolls of dead people and non-residents?

The voting franchise belongs with the states as it states in the Constitution. I suggest you read it.

If I had my way, I would cancel your leftist trash paper, but my husband likes to read the “paper.”



End dad stereotypes

Reading the June 20th Father’s Day edition of the Press, I turned to the Opinion page to see the featured editorial cartoon by Bill Day depicting a semblance of an award to fathers.

The cartoon stated “And the Winner is” with the depiction of a trophy with a seemingly lazy father laid back on a recliner with what appears to be a television on his oversized belly and a drink in this person’s hand. I assume the cartoon was meant to honor fathers, but fell short of the fathers I know.

I know my Dad was hard-working (both in his job and at home), but yet found time to spend with me and my brother. My Grandpas were the same way, as well as countless other fathers I know. The time they had to spend in a La-Z-Boy in front of a television was rare.

I know everyone was not blessed with the father I had, but if we are going to make an award for fathers, let’s have it depict the values we honor in our fathers like love, dedicated time, and hard work. Then we would have the right award for fathers!



No cash for remote workers

I agree with the editorial by the Press on paying people to move here. It’s a waste of taxpayer funds by the city and possibly the county, who have not voted on the issue at the time of this letter.

The amenities here should be more than enough to lure folks here. As a matter of fact, if you look at the housing shortage both for sale and rental properties here, people are moving here in droves already. Of course this is having an adverse effect on our homegrown young folks who simply cannot afford these high prices and rents.

If local governments want to lure someone here, how about industry? Good paying jobs for the young folks would be nice. Luring work-at-home folks here does not actually create any jobs. It does create more income for local builders and or rental property owners. Maybe that is the reason behind this whole harebrained idea including being a selling point for that white elephant, the John Sevier Center.

Another waste of money in my opinion is the $100K grant to Johnson City for a dog park from I believe Boyd Sports.

If foundations such as Boyd Sports has money to burn, how about throwing some toward a shelter for the homeless or giving to an organization that helps feed the hungry? If these folks want to help animals, I am sure the local animal shelters could use a $100K donation. In all fairness to Boyd Sports and others, they may be already helping with the above mentioned organizations.



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