Capitol mob was sedition

After only three days in office, Diana Harshbarger has already proved her unfitness to serve. Despite all her deceptive ads, it turned out that she and her supporters are the mob of insurrectionists that are trying to destroy democracy in the United States.

Her support of the baseless challenge to President-elect Biden’s win speaks volumes. Even our two senators decided not to support these baseless claims after a Trump mob of terrorists stormed the Capitol.

Needless to say, anyone involved in that mob needs to be identified and charged with sedition, a federal crime that carries a penalty of 20 years in prison. Anyone who has supported Trump over these four years needs to think long and hard about how they have contributed to this fiasco.


Johnson City

Attack went beyond

First Amendment

Diana Harshbarger, R-1st district U.S. representative, responded to the mayhem on Capitol Hill, reported by Robert Houk Johnson City Press Jan 7th’s edition.

I quote some of her remarks: “We all have our Frst Amendment right to peacefully protest the certification of election results, and should exercise it when warranted. Violence like this is not acceptable.”

With all due respect to Congresswoman Harshbarger, this was not a protest but sedition, and the protesters were seditionists. Sedition is defined by “as words or speech that incites people to rebel against the government or governing authority. These seditionists not only used words or speech, but actually stormed the United States Capitol in an attempt to delay or prevent the constitutionally mandated electoral count.


Johnson City

Who’s responsible?

On Jan. 6, the halls of the U.S. Congress were breached by a group of right-wing terrorists bent on preventing the members of the House and Senate from counting the Electoral College ballots submitted by the 50 states.

The stampede was unleashed by words from our current president, who basically told them to go show Congress their displeasure.

If you watched what was happening and weren’t aghast seeing terrorists walking through the halls of Congress, breaking down doors and trashing the offices of our elected officials, you are part of the problem. Our two senators and Rep. Harshbarger planned to challenge the votes of other states’ electors even though they have no credible evidence to support their actions. They have disgraced our state and violated their oath of office.

We have two pandemics in our country today. The first one was the election of our soon-to-be former president who incited (Wednesday’s) insurrection and all our elected officials who never took him to task for four-plus years of lies that began even before he was elected.

The second pandemic is the COVID-19 virus that is running rampant in this country. Our current president never took the virus seriously. His focus was on the stock market and the economy. He could not see that the virus was in the driver’s seat and the economy would not recover until we got it under control.

I do not credit him with the creation of several vaccines, since pharmaceutical companies have been studying new ways to attack viruses for almost two decades.

It is past time to hold the president responsible for his insidious call that resulted in the insurrection we saw yesterday. Remove him from office now in the most expeditious manner available.



Too late for outrage

I’ve watched for four years as Tennessee’s representatives and leaders backed up everything Donald Trump said, tweeted, and lied to the American people. They have not only backed up everything he said and did, they have encouraged their Tennessee supporters to stand behind this disgusting half-man who somehow got elected because the GOP thought he was tough.

Now, in their exculpatory statements in the Johnson City Press of Jan. 7, they claim that the attack on the United States Capitol was not acceptable, despicable, violent, and destructive.

Somehow these politicians think they can still support Donald Trump while pretending to be outraged.

It’s time that Tennesseans wake up, elect representatives who know the laws and the Constitution, and rid this state of these sunshine patriots.