Letters: Affordable housing, Hypocrisy, Foreign intervention

With Monday’s Question of the Week, we asked readers for their thoughts on the region’s current real estate market and the need for affordable housing locally. Here is one of the responses we received.

Keep the government out

I know one thing for sure and that is any solution should not involve the government. Government interference only leads to more control over the population. What would a Government program look like? OK here is an apartment for you and your family paid for by an already bankrupt government. By the way, one stipulation is that you attend a weekly “orientation” meeting or lose your dwelling.

Another boondoggle is the idea that loans be made more “affordable.” Anybody remember the housing bust a few years ago when the honeymoon was over, and folks had to start paying the full amount of their loan payments? This was in addition to the fact that these loans were made to folks who had absolutely no way to make the outrageous payments, plus they did not even have to make a down payment. No skin in the game as the old saying goes.

Ask any local real estate agent, and I have spoken to a couple, the rising prices both for single dwelling purchase and rental units is being driven by mainly one thing in our area. That one thing is folks moving here from other areas of the country where the cost of housing was already sky high. They move here with plenty of capital from sales of their previous dwellings and are willing and capable of paying the inflated prices. You cannot blame them, I guess.

Let the market play out. I have a suspicion that when all is said and done, there will be a lot of houses for sale and a whole bunch of empty apartments and condos.



These letters we received from readers about other topics of interest to them.

Sorting out hypocrisy

So I’m glad to know that Hicks, Crowe, Alexander and the other GQP have come out as Pro-Choice! Darn right that the “gubermint” shouldn’t tell people what to do with their bodies or their kids’ bodies … oops!

“My body, my choice” and “They’re my kids, I’ll decide how to take care of them” sounds awful familiar to me. Equal protection under the law, being what it is does apply fully on this does it not? DHS will go out of business … Smoke meth around them … well they didn’t die! Slap them around a little … well they didn’t die! Drink and drive with them in the car … anyone die?

Just so I’m clear, you want the federal government with all its might to tell some pregnant girl what she must do to protect life but once they hit the ground it’s really none of our business if you willfully endanger them? If you refuse the vaccine and refuse masks and your kid or anyone else gets the ’Vid from you, you aren’t responsible?

Just so we are clear on the hypocrisy!



Don’t meddle in other countries’ affairs

We went into Afghanistan to get Osama Bin Laden and once that was accomplished, we should have left.

Instead we got involved in a country known as the graveyard of empires. If Alexander the Great, Attilla, Ghenghis Kahn, the British, and the Russians couldn’t bring order to this country, it was incredible hubris that made us think we could.

Vietnam should have taught us … never get involved in a country’s civil war, you will only lose. And so, after $2 trillion and uncountable lives, we were compelled to leave with things just as they were when we went in.


Johnson City

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