An ad for Ovaltine, which promised to get your day off to a good start.

A particular favorite of mine as a child, Ovaltine was a treat—generally reserved for Saturday mornings. Perhaps no other beverage reminds me more of my childhood—and this advertisement captures that nostalgia.

“Try a Cup of New, Improved Ovaltine before going to Bed Tonight! Do you wake up feeling fresh in the morning—brimming with energy, sparkling and “alive?”

“Or do you frequently awaken feeling almost as tired as when you went to bed-with nerves on edge and your whole appearances reflecting the lack of sound, refreshing sleep?

“Thousands who have had this trouble are now solving it in a very simple way-without medicine or risky sleep drugs.

“They do it with the aid of new, improved Ovaltine. They take it regularly, night after night, ad bedtime—not only to help them sleep more soundly — but to build them up for clear-eyed freshness in the morning.

“First: When taken just before going to bed, Ovaltine helps the body relax normally. Relieves that feeling of “inner tension.”

Second: It provides a specialized form of nourishment designed to prevent hunger pangs and digestive unrest, which very frequently cause night-time tossing.

Third: The new, improved Ovaltine has recently been enriched with still greater amounts of protective minerals-and greater amounts of Vitamins A, B, and D. It also furnishes certain food elements to help replenish vitality while you sleep-helps rebuild worn-out muscle, nerve and body cells.

In other words, the new Ovaltine is a scientific food-concentrate designed to accomplish specific national results for those who sleep poorly-or who are rundown, or under par. Over 1,700 hospitals, in the country alone, serve it. Doctors approve its use.

Start Tonight! So for the sake of our health, your nerves, and particularly your appearance—try taking the new, improved Ovaltine regularly—begin tonight. See if it doesn’t help you to wake up feeling fresher in the mornings.

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