Consistency is key in just about anything.

Those of us that have been pounding the roads and trails for a number of years know that hard work eventually pays off. Running is really a sport that is hard to fake.

I have learned that running has many hills and valleys, both literally and figuratively. Consistency in training is what leads to big upswings in performance and eventually a personal best time in any event. Staying healthy and paying attention to the little things also helps, too.

Establishing consistency in the little things like sleep and diet keeps everything in rhythm. This is quite often referred as Circadian rhythm, which is basically running your body through the same daily routine time and time again. In a sense, you’re almost tricking the body into thinking that every day is essentially the same.

Waking up at the same time every morning, eating the same thing every day for breakfast will soon establish a rhythm and when race day comes, your body will think it’s just another normal day. In the end, you aren’t nearly as nervous as you would be if you hadn’t already planned for the race day months in advance.

Yes, it may be monotonous, but will all pay off in the end. As someone that struggled for a few years to find good consistency in training and finally made it pay off recently, just keep your nose to the grindstone.


I’m coming off of my fourth marathon last weekend at the 15th Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. The race is a top-notch event put on by the Knoxville track Club with lots of spectators and fans throughout the city cheering you on every step of the way.

I had a wonderful time and ended up finishing fourth overall in 2:35:18, which was a personal best by almost 15 minutes.

I highly recommend any event that the KTC hosts as they always have great management and venues to stage such big races. Plus, it’s not really all that far to the Knoxville area and it is a good step out of the comfort zone for some local runners.


Run for Your Buns 5K, April 12: The event put on by The Goose Chase is to help awareness for colon cancer. The race starts and ends near the Wellness Center in North Johnson City and is a fair course going along Sunset Drive and the greenway that runs parallel to State of Franklin Road. The event is on Friday evening, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Laurel Run Ascent, April 13: For those that enjoy trail running, this one is for you in the beautiful Laurel Run Park outside of Church Hill. Part of the Skelton Law Racing Series, this Saturday morning event is an 11 mile trail race that is also the Tennessee RRCA Cross Country Championship race. Lunch sponsored by Texas Roadhouse is provided.

For more information regarding local road races, please visit, or

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