Washington County will hold its delinquent property tax sale online next month.

County officials said concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted them to hold the March 4 auction electronically. All bidding for the the 250 properties included in the sale will be accepted online.

There will not be an in-person auction like the one traditionally held at the George P. Jaynes Justice Center.

Prospective bidders must register at www.govease.com and provide current proof of funding prior to the sale. Instructions on the bidding process are available on that same website.

Bidders can access the auction from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer). The site has a bidder dashboard that enables real-time tracking of activity and purchases.

Participants can enter max bids ahead of time to streamline the bidding process.

Properties up for public auction are those with delinquent property taxes from 2018 and prior tax years. A complete listing of properties and disclosures about the sale are available at www.washingtoncountycourtsales.com.

The properties to be auctioned are listed in alphabetical order by the current owner’s last name, but do include an address so those interested can look the property up online.

“Moving to an online sale should allow those who couldn’t attend in person, but want to bid the opportunity to participate,” Sarah Lawson, Washington County clerk and master, said. “One thing that bidders need to remember is some properties include liens owed to the city of Johnson City. Those will be collected as part of the minimum bid.”

Lawson said the opening bids will include all delinquent taxes held by her office.

“Winning bidders must pay for the property before 4 p.m. on March 5, and they will receive a copy of the order confirming sale,” she said. “The highest bidder can request a deed from the tax attorney, which is an additional $100 cost.”

Property sold is subject to a right of redemption, which runs one year from the date of the order confirming the sale. If a delinquent taxpayer pays taxes and interest in that span, the highest bidder gets their money back plus 12% per annum, which will begin to accrue on the date of sale.

Each parcel is sold as is with no warranty. It is up to interested buyers to review the properties in advance of the sale.

For more detailed information regarding the tax sale along with the list of properties and terms of sale, please visit www.washingtoncountycourtsales.com.