COO Wayne Abadie


Wayne Abadie, the chief operating officer of TrxNow, was recently selected as one of the top 10 COOs in the industry for 2020 by Industry Era Magazine.

TrxNow is the brand and corporate identity for Allied Dispatch Solutions, which is headquartered in and maintains its primary contact center in Johnson City. The company also has additional locations in Sneedville and London, Ontario.

“During the 2020 global pandemic, Allied was able to continue to add jobs to the community as well as provide existing employees with flexible options to maintain their employment,” said TrxNow spokesperson Ashley Taylor.

“In short, we were able to keep moving forward and we are so excited that the industry has chosen to recognize Wayne for his efforts in making Allied one of the best places to work in our area!”

“(Abadie’s) healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo has always been a driver to keeping TrxNow and other organizations he has been a part of moving in the direction of innovation,” the magazine wrote.