Concrete pavement repair work that has contributed to heavy congestion coming into and out of Elizabethton from Johnson City the past week should be completed by Saturday, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

“This work has required the 24-hour closure of a single lane in each direction along SR67 (West Elk Avenue) beginning at SR362 (Mary Patton Highway) and extending to SR359 (Milligan Highway),” said Mark Nagi, TDOT community relations officer.

Nagi said work crews will mainly be seen at night pouring concrete to replace broken sections of the existing concrete pavement, “however, lanes must be kept closed throughout the day while the new concrete cures and gains strength needed for work to continue.”

He said TDOT recognizes the disruption to traffic that the work causes and has taken measures to expedite its completion.

“However, the nature and volume of work will take some time to complete. The department asks the motoring public for patience and understanding as this work is completed,” Nagi said. “The 24-hour lane closures are not only necessary for the completion of the work, but are also vitally essential to the protection and safety of the highway workers in the field.”

At this time, TDOT officials anticipate the concrete pavement work to be complete by Saturday. This date is subject to favorable weather conditions and assumes no unforeseen complications, Nagi said.

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