Jeremy Sanderlin

Jeremy Sanderlin

ELIZABETHTON — Although most of the charges for which Jeremy Matthew Sanderlin was convicted date back to the 2014 period, he was not forgotten by the justice system.

On Wednesday, Sanderlin was recalled to Carter County Criminal Court to answer allegations of probation violation. Judge Lisa Rice revoked Sanderlin’s probation and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. Rice also sentenced Sanderlin to another 10 years of probation once he is released from prison.

Prosecutors and probation officers said that Sanderlin had not paid restitution to the victims of his crimes. Assistant District Attorney General Matthew Roark prosecuted the case and said that one of the reasons for placing nonviolent offenders on probation was to get them to pay restitution. “They can’t pay restitution when they are in prison,” Roark said.

Roark said Sanderlin was in court on a lengthy list of auto burglaries, but they were mostly small amounts. He said Sanderlin did not damage the vehicles by breaking in. Roark said Sanderlin would burglarize cars that the owners had left unlocked. Roark said the items taken were sold for money to buy drugs.

“It was mostly just loose change. He stole a thumb drive from one, a set of binoculars from another and $300 worth of Mary Kay cosmetics from a saleswoman,” Roark said.

Rice ordered Sanderlin to prison after finding him in violation of probation on a large list of convictions, including six counts of auto burglary; five counts of theft under $500; one count of theft over $1,000; and three violations of probation. He had been ordered to pay $5,745 in restitution, but officers said he had paid nothing.

The convictions for which Sanderlin was sentenced to 10 years probation included five counts of auto burglary and five counts of theft under $1,000. He had been ordered to pay $3,777.50 in restitution for these crimes, but officers said he had paid nothing.