Northeast Tennessee’s novel coronavirus active case count dropped on Saturday, despite another surge in new cases, because the numbers from Johnson County’s recent prison outbreak expired from the data.

The upper eight counties reported 261 new COVID-19 cases. Because the state considers cases inactive after 14 days based on the average period a patient remains infectious, 297 cases fell out of the data. Johnson County accounted for most of the change with 219 cases reaching inactive status. Active cases reflect the number of new cases over the same period minus deaths.

After two new fatalities were reported in Sullivan County, the region’s active cases fell by 37 to 1,503. Still, that number has grown by 83% since Oct. 1.

Saturday’s new cases were due in part to a low reporting day on Friday caused by technical issues at the state level.

New cases among school-age children also surged, with 21 reported in Northeast Tennessee. Sullivan County had over half of them with 12. The region’s most populous county also accounted for nearly half of all new cases with 129 followed by Washington County with 59.

Northeast Tennessee by the numbers

  • New cases: 261. Total cases: 11,433
  • New inactive cases: 296. Total inactive cases: 9,731.
  • Net active cases: -37. Total active cases: 1,503.
  • New hospitalizations: 4. Total hospitalized over the course of the pandemic: 632
  • New deaths: 2. Total deaths: 199.
  • New cases among school-age children: 21
  • Positive test rate 11.61 out of 2,197 new tests, above the statewide rate of 8.62%.

Statewide, the Tennessee Department of Health reported 32 new deaths and 2,646 new cases. The new deaths brought the state’s toll to 2,903.

With 1,755 cases reaching inactive cases status, the state’s active case count rebounded after a dip on Friday, growing by 859 to 19,650. That number has grown by 39% since Oct. 1.

Tennessee by the numbers

  • New cases: 2,646. Total cases: 226,139.
  • New inactive cases: 1,755. Total inactive cases: 203,586.
  • Net new active cases: 859. Total active cases: 19,650.
  • New deaths: 32. Total fatalities: 2903.
  • New hospitalizations: 66. Total hospitalized over the course of the pandemic: 9,555. Tennessee’s current hospitalizations fell by two in Saturday’s report for a total of 1,166.