Paramount Marquee Restoration

The Paramount theater marquee illuminates downtown Bristol. Dating back to the theater’s opening, the marquee has illuminated the historic theater for almost 93 years.

BRISTOL, Tennessee — When visualizing what makes the historic downtown area of Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia memorable, one of the images that first comes to mind is the vintage Art Deco marquis that announces the presence of Paramount Center for the Arts. The sign has been a constant in the city since the early 1930s. The current marquis is a replica, restored in the 1950s when the original was deemed to be deteriorated beyond repair.

In May of 2014, the sign was converted to LED lamping through a partnership with Lighthouse Supply Company in Bristol, Virginia. With the sign again in need of repairs, the board of Paramount desired to maintain the historic integrity of the marquis while looking to additional technological advancements that would improve the function and cost of operations. They turned again to Todd Peak, president of Lighthouse Supply Company, to assist them in the endeavor.

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