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Since the beginning of the month, the average number of new coronavirus-related deaths reported per day has slowed as Northeast Tennessee has neared the 1,000-mark for total deaths.

Between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31, the region averaged a record 7.48 COVID-19-related deaths per day, a slight uptick from December’s 7.35 average daily death toll. Through Feb. 15, the region has seen five reported deaths per day — its lowest rate since October. Reported deaths have particularly slowed in the last week to an average of 4.1 deaths per day.

The slowdown may be due to the number of people in high-risk categories who’ve been fully vaccinated in the region, with 16.15% of people in Washington County having received at least one dose — the highest rate in the state. The rate of vaccination may also be at least partially responsible for the region’s decline in new cases, the rate of which has fallen dramatically since late-December and early January.

Over the last seven days, the region is averaging 137.5 new cases per day after reporting 75 new infections on Monday. There have been 960 total deaths reported in the region, with one new fatality reported on Monday.

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Ballad’s critical care patients trend down over weekend

Ballad Health reported a near four-month low in the number of coronavirus patients on ventilators on Monday, while the number of virus patients in intensive care tied a low reached on Feb. 3.

As of Monday, Ballad had 97 people people hospitalized with the virus, a decline of 10 from Friday. It’s only the second time inpatients have fallen below 100 since Oct. 15. There were 10 (-6) people on ventilators, the fewest reported since Oct. 23. ICU patients fell to 18, tying for the fewest reported since Oct. 17.

While those critical indicators declined over the weekend, they have remained relatively stable since the beginning of February. Hospitalizations have hovered around 100 since Feb. 4, while ICU patients have held between 18-23 since Jan. 30. Ventilator patients have bounced between 10 and 18 since Jan. 28.


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