Carter dumping

Keep Carter County Beautiful Chairman Ed Jordan posted this photo of tires dumped in the Cherokee National Forest.

ELIZABETHTON — Once again the leader of Keep Carter County Beautiful is sounding the alarm on another illegal dump in the county’s mountains.

“Here we go again,” Keep Carter County Beautiful Chairman Ed Jordan said Tuesday in an email to his supporters and associates.

“I’m tired of seeing sights like this. This one is in our beautiful Cherokee National Forest. The deplorable people that continue to litter and illegally dump will not stop. How can our national forest survive? How can we leave a mess like this to our kids and grandkids? Will there be any natural resources left for them to enjoy?”

Jordan said cleaning up after people who illegally dump is not solving the problem. He called for citizens to ask state and local officials to enforce the the laws against dumping.

“Let’s come together and insist that something be done about it. Laws are in place; why are these people continuing to do this? Our officials are having us taxpayers pay the bills for these people who are trashing, instead of doing their jobs and going after them. We have elected these officials to enforce the laws, why aren’t they?”