A $50,000 check will be “a tremendous blessing” for the Jonesborough Senior Center.

Center Director Mary Regen said the money, awarded Tuesday by the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability, will primarily be used to buy a new vehicle for the town’s MyRide TN program.

That program provides transportation to seniors in need at a rate of more than 100 rides a month. It primarily uses volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles, but with increasing demand the center’s staff has had to pick up rides as well, and have had to depend on an aging, two-decade-old vehicle.

Part of the money will also be used to buy a road-safe golf cart to shuttle seniors to and from a new park being built behind the center.

“Having this funding to help further that program is just incredible,” Regen said. “We’re just very grateful.”

Susan Katko, who directs Jonesborough’s MyRide program, said this funding will help keep the program going — and growing.

“It just helps us keep on sustaining it,” Katko said of the funding. “Even during COVID we never closed down, we actually gave more rides during COVID. We took a lot of seniors to get their vaccinations, we continued and will be able to continue to take them to appointments, medical appointments, we do grocery shopping — stuff to help them be social and not isolated.”

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