Shop Small Saturday

Shop Small Saturday banners hang from the sign of Paul's Pens Odds and Ends in downtown Jonesborough on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021. 

While many people have their sights set on Black Friday deals at big box stores, business owners in downtown Jonesborough are more excited for the day after — Small Business Saturday.

“It’s phenomenal to see people take that time (to shop) because I don’t know if they realize how much it really does help a small business, but it does help us tremendously,” said Jerome Bowers, owner of the Crystal Raven. “Even if they just buy small items, that small effort that they’re making makes a huge impact on our livelihood and supporting our family and helping out our community.”

Bowers said he was thankful for those who come out to shop, and said he’s always surprised by how great the turnout is for Small Business Saturday in downtown. Bowers said it’s especially important this year, with many businesses still struggling due to the pandemic.

“As a business, we have a very good local following, but the conscious effort people make on Small Business Saturday to come out to small businesses always surprises me,” Bowers said.

Marty Glasgow, owner of Noelle Seasonal Decor and Gifts Galore, which is offering deals on both Friday and Saturday, said she’s grateful for days like Small Business Saturday, which bring new people to local shops that maybe wouldn’t have known about them otherwise.

“Small businesses provide products you can’t buy other places, No. 1,” Glasgow said. “No. 2, they are going to be able to serve you the way a large conglomerate cannot do.”

Both Bowers and Glasgow said it’s vitally important to support small business year-round, not just around the holidays.

“Not only are they investing into the business, but they’re investing into the community,” Bowers said of his customers, adding that when you buy from national chain stores you have no idea if that money is staying in your community, “but you know that the money you spend in a small business stays local.”


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