David Smith

David Smith

A Johnson City police officer was arrested early Saturday morning after he was accused of putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head during an argument and threatening to kill her.

The woman was not identified in the warrant, which said she fled from her residence in Gray and went to the police department for her safety. Because the incident happened in the county, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the police department to investigate.

According to the warrant, David E. Smith, 46, of Gray, was charged with aggravated domestic assault. He had agreed to talk to an officer at his house, but declined to answer questions when he was arrested.

In a narrative about the incident, Deputy Elizabeth Denton, who responded to the police department around 12:30 a.m., wrote that the woman said Smith had drunk four beers and began arguing with her. Smith was alleged to have shoved the woman into some cabinets, held her down and “placed a handgun to her head and told her multiple times that he was going to kill her.”

She was able to break free from Smith and ran to the bathroom, shutting the door, according to the warrant. At that point the woman began recording the incident with her phone. The two argued more, then Smith reportedly grabbed the woman’s phone. She was able to get it back and stopped the recording.

At that point, the woman ran from the house and drove to the police department.

After Denton talked to the woman, she contacted Smith, who agreed to talk to her, but then would not give a statement after his Miranda rights were read to him. He was arrested around 4 a.m. at the residence and taken to jail.

Smith is a veteran law enforcement officer and has a specialty of working traffic crashes and fatalities.

No other details about his tenure at the JCPD, or his current status, were available late Saturday.

Smith was released from the Washington County Detention Center Saturday afternoon on a $25,000 bond after a required 12-hour hold and was scheduled for arraignment on Monday in General Sessions Court.

As in any domestic violence case, Smith had to sign a no-contact order preventing him from contacting the victim. His DNA was also collected, which is standard procedure in an aggravated assault arrest.

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