Carter County Budget Committee

Carter County Budget Committee

ELIZABETHTON — Austin Jaynes took over the chairmanship of the Budget Committee of the Carter County Commission at the start of the committee’s monthly meeting on Monday. It was the latest personnel change on the county commission since the death of Mayor Rusty Barnett in September.

These changes have including County Commission Chairwoman Patty Woodby taking the mayor’s position for the remaining two years of Barnett’s term

The latest change came Monday when Travis Hill said he would step down as chair of the Budget Committee because he had replaced Woodby as chairman of the County Commission.

With Hill stepping down as chair, vice chair Austin Jaynes became the new chairman of the Budget Committee. Ross Garland was then elected by acclamation to be the vice chair. Garland had previously served as chairman of the committee.

On budgetary matters, it was a light evening on Monday and the committee was able to quickly cover the issues. One was the need to pay compensatory time for Gary Smith, who is retiring as director of the Carter County Emergency Management Agency. Aaron Frazier made a motion to pay the compensatory money out of the regular salary line item for the agency. That would be done by not filling the replacement until the start of the next fiscal year in July, using the monthly salaries that would not be paid in order to fund the comp time. The office would be headed on an interim basis by Assistant Director Billy Harrell.

On another matter, the committee approved a request to fund a currently vacant position of electrical inspector in the Carter County Planning Office. Planning Director Chris Schuettler told the committee that with the position currently vacant, state contractors are conducting the required inspections. The fees are sent to the state when a contractor conducts the inspection. Schuettler said the county keeps the fee when its personnel conduct the inspection. He said that even with the additional salary to be paid, the fees would still mean an extra $30,000 for the county.

The Budget Committee also learned that the roof is leaking on the Carter County Election Office. A roofer will check the roof on Tuesday and provide an estimate. If the amount is under $25,000, the county can authorize repairs. If it is over that amount, the county must bid out the project.