Julia Gilmore

In 2020, Julia Gilmore donated Play-Doh sets, Amazon Gift cards and cash donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through Project Play Dough under her platform Project Gilmore Girl. 

Julia Gilmore is working to make an impact in her community, and she wants to help others get involved, too.

Gilmore is currently working on her eighth annual fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She’s been fundraising yearly for the hospital since 2014 when she was 9 years old under the platform Project Gilmore Girl.

“I started by making tie blankets for St. Jude at 9 years old,” said Gilmore. “And after hand delivering those blankets and getting my community involved and really making a really big impact, I was just inspired to continue doing it every year.”

Gilmore donated hundreds of tie fleece blankets to the children at St. Jude in 2014, and has committed to a fundraiser for the hospital each year. Since 2014, Gilmore has raised more than $36,000 in toys, gift cards, books, movies and cash donations for St. Jude.

“This is all her,” said Cindy Gilmore, Julia’s mother. “I just am there to support her and help her, but this is really all her ideas.”

This year, Gilmore took donations of batteries and electronic chargers through her fundraiser Project Energizer which wraps up on Sept. 15. She used an Amazon Wishlist to allow donors to give to the fundraiser, and she also accepted monetary donations.

“The more electronic that we go, we see a lot of kids not really using books anymore,” said Gilmore. “Especially with COVID and online school there’s a lot of electronics and a lot of chargers and batteries that are needed.”

Gilmore doesn’t just fundraise for St. Jude though. The Science Hill High School junior has been getting involved in the local community since moving to Johnson City from Chicago three years ago with monthly community service projects under the platform Gilmore Girl Unites.

“I volunteer anywhere and everywhere,” said Gilmore.

Gilmore doesn’t just volunteer, though. She’s also active in helping others volunteer.

“Another big part about my platform and my work is to help other people get involved,” said Gilmore. “Not only to meet a requirement for school, but to also change their perspective and kind of just get in the community.”

Gilmore has a section on her website dedicated to helping others, especially teenagers, get involved in Johnson City and beyond.

To learn more about Gilmore, her service project platforms or how to get involved in community service, visit her website at gilmoregivingtree.org.

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