Reconfiguration work at the Boones Creek exit on Interstate 26 is well on the way toward completion, with asphalt paving underway.

“The modifications will transform the exit into a diverging diamond interchange,” or DDI, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation project’s website for the Exit 17 improvement.

“The unique crisscross design allows two directions of traffic to temporarily cross to opposite sides of the roadway in order to travel across the overpass, and then cross back and resume the original travel pattern. The DDI uses concrete dividers, stop bars, traffic signals, and extensive signage to guide motorists through the interchange.”

Work on the project began in July 2019 with the contractor re-striping and placing barrier walls on Tenn. Highway 354 in the section of Boones Creek Road underneath the I-26 overpass bridges.

The original design was constructed in the 1960s; the modified interchange was designed to alleviate traffic congestion that came with economic growth in that area as well as potential additional growth.