Stolen tools

Tools attached to cables were stolen from this bike repair station just a week after they had been installed at the Hampton Watershed Bike Trail.

HAMPTON — After numerous positive stories about the Hampton Watershed Bike Trail, some sad news has come out.

The bike trail is a part of the Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department and provides a scenic biketrail over woodland that protects the most important public water source for the city of Elizabethton. One of the recent good news stories was about a grant received by the parks department from the Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation.

Funds from the grant were used to establish a bike repair station on the trail, a place where bikers could make adjustments and minor repairs on their bikes as they rode the trail.

Mike Mains, director of the Elizabethtonparks and recreation department was proud of the new station. But that pride would be short lived. He said the station had been installed on the trail for just a week when thieves struck, cutting all the cables which held the tools and stealing the tools. He said the loss was around $800.

“To say the least, we and members of our biking community volunteers are extremely disappointed,” Mains said.

The theft was reported to the Carter County Sheriff’s Department.