One counter-protester arrested, pawn shop owner issued summons after incident at Volunteer Pawn

Randall Gray

An incident and subsequent protest at a local pawn shop resulted in the arrest of a counter-protester and a criminal summons for the businesses owner on Monday.

According to reports from the Johnson City Police Department, Daryl Lovelace was issued a criminal summons after grabbing a woman’s arm and taking her to the ground after she pushed through a door he was blocking to exit the business. A brief fight was broken up by an officer at the scene, according to the report and video from the incident posted to Facebook.

The protest began after a pawn shop employee refused to sell a firearm to a person with a group of people wearing “New Panthers” t-shirts. The group claimed the refusal was racial discrimination.

Police told the woman who was knocked to the ground how to obtain a criminal summons, which she later did. The woman told the Press that she wanted to press charges and was considering filing a lawsuit.

During a subsequent protest that began after the initial confrontation, counter-protestors arrived, spawning another fight that left one counter-protester bloodied and in handcuffs. The man, identified as Randall Gray, was charged with disorderly conduct.

No protesters were arrested during the protest as a result of the altercation, though one was briefly detained before being released.