Danny L Collier


A Kingsport man arrested Tuesday on theft charges apparently didn’t heed a Washington County judge’s warning six years ago to not take money from people for work he would never complete, according to police reports.

Danny Collier, 57, 721 Midfield Drive, Kingsport, was arrested on a charge of contractor fraud over $1,000. According to court records, Collier took a $3,500 check in August 2020 from a Johnson City woman who hired him to complete a renovation project.

As of Jan. 6, the woman had not heardanything from Collier, even after sending him a certified letter in December 2020 asking him to return her money.

She filed a police report about the incident and Johnson City Police Department issued a warrant for Collier’s arrest.

Collier operates a business called Appalachian Property Solutions, a Kingpsort-based construction firm, according to its website.

In addition to construction work, Collier’s LinkedIn profile indicates he has a doctorate in theology from Appalachian Bible College.

Prior conviction

Collier was convicted in 2015 of taking money for a home remodeling job without doing any work.

It was the first criminal conviction for him on the charge of misapplication of contractor funds, although he has other prior convictions for theft because he kept job deposits but never did the work.

He pleaded guilty to the charge in Washington County Criminal Court.

During that plea hearing in 2015, Criminal Court Judge Lisa Rice asked Collier about his ability to make restitution payments and if he would be working.

“I have my own business,” and will still be doing contract home repair work, Collier said at that time. “I do have some customers waiting for me.”

Rice was concerned Collier would be taking money from potential customers and warned him to be careful.

“Don’t take money from anybody you’re not going to do work for,” Rice told Collier. He assured her he would not.

That, according to police and court records, happened anyway.

Civil judgments

A check of several civil cases in General Sessions Court indicates Collier owes $73,086.04 in restitution to four people who paid him up front for work he never completed.

Two of the four who sued him did get some of their money back — a total of $5,242.74 — the rest remains unpaid.

Collier was being held in the Washington County Detention Center in lieu of a $3,500 bond. He was scheduled for an arraignment in Sessions Court on Wednesday.

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