The new splash pad at Carver Park is almost ready to open.

Recreation Services Manager Sam Miller said the splash pad is awaiting an evaluation by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. After the splash pad receives its evaluation, it can move forward with opening.

“We are confident that we will have a favorable evaluation,” Miller said.

In 2018, Johnson City’s Parks and Recreation Departmentwas awarded a $200,000 matching funds grant through the Local Parks and Recreation Fund to build a splash pad at Carver Park. Construction on the splash pad began in September 2020.

The splash pad at Carver has 24 different components, such as ground sprays and themed features.

“I want to emphasize the excitement we have,” Miller said. “We are very grateful to have city leaders and elected officials who are supporting these types of goals for our parks, and it really is just enhancing our community’s well-being so much.”

Carver’s splash pad is also the city’s first recirculating splash pad system. Water is treated with chlorine and sanitized before recirculating through the system, which Miller said will conserve water and cut down on operating costs.

“The water is being treated and sanitized so it doesn’t present any safety risk,” he said.

A new fence will be installed around the perimeter of the new splash pad.

“That will just be there to provide more peace of mind for parents whose children are in the splash pad,” Miller said.

Alongside the new splash pad and fence, the rest of Carver Park is also getting some TLC. New sidewalks, picnic tables and an outdoor restroom are being installed, and the basketball courts have been repaved and relined. The Carver Recreation Center is also getting a makeover with a fresh coat of paint.

“We’re really just trying to enhance the park in many different ways,” Miller said.