Carter County Landfill

Carter County Landfill Manager Benny Lyons shows photographs of garbage in recycling bins to Carter County Commissioner Nancy Brown.

ELIZABETHTON — Carter County Landfill Manager Benny Lyons said his recycling operation is having problems with people dumping garbage in the recycling bins that are located around Elizabethton.

Lyons discussed the problem with the Carter County Commission’s Landfill Committee during its regular monthly meeting on Monday. He said the problem has been encountered at several recycling bins, but the worst problems are being experienced at the recycling center on East Mill Street. He said the garbage even has included such items as used diapers.

Lyons said the garbage has to be separated from the recyclables, and that is taking several hours a day, causing the landfill to fall behind on other tasks. In some cases, he said mail has been found among the garbage, providing a clue as to who might have been involved in the violation. Lyons said security cameras have also been installed.

The bins are placed at the recycling centers by the Elizabethton Street and Sanitation Department. The Landfill Committee voted to work with the city for another month in hopes the problem will be corrected.

On another recycling matter, Lyons said the parts for a metal building have been delivered to the Carter County Recycling Center. The building will be used to store bales of recycled cardboard until they are shipped to a processing center.

The Landfill Committee noted that the county’s demolition landfill will soon reach full capacity. The committee asked Lyons to look into the possibility of expanding the landfill by finding property owners of land adjacent to the landfill who might be willing to sell property to the county to extend the demolition landfill.

The committee noted that if no property is found, the county should begin the process of capping the old demolition disposal site and beginning the long-term maintenance of the closed landfill.


John Thompson covers Carter and Johnson counties for the Johnson City Press since 1998. He grew up in Washington County and graduated from University High and East Tennessee State University

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