BrightRidge officials said problems being experienced by the U.S. Postal Service has delayed the delivery of some bills.

BrightRidge has notified customers who pay their monthly electric bills by mail that problems with the U.S. Postal Service have delayed delivery of some December invoices.

The public utility is advising customers who have not received their bills for the latest billing period to contact its customer service line at 952-5000.

We asked BrightRidge officials on Monday to provide additional answers to questions that customers might have on the billing delay.

What caused the delay?

BrightRidge’s billing software system logs when bills are received by the USPS. All bills have been mailed on a timely basis. The Postal Service said on its website that: “USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increase and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19.”

How many customers were impacted?

We estimate up to 19,000 bills could have been affected. BrightRidge issues bills daily.

What should customers do if their bills are late?

If a customer receives a late notice and has not received a bill, please contact Customer Service at 952-5000. In addition, BrightRidge encourages customers to use the SmartHub web or mobile app to view and pay their bill. Customers using SmartHub can elect to still receive bills by mail.

More than half of all BrightRidge accounts are signed up on SmartHub. For customers who do not use the SmartHub customer portal, more information is available at the website

Customer service representatives are available to assist a customer in establishing a SmartHub account.

Will the late payments go on a customer’s credit report?

No. BrightRidge does not report payment information on active accounts, only inactive accounts with an unpaid balance.

Will there be late fees?

No. BrightRidge is not applying late fees to utility bills within designated groups that were affected. Currently, known billing cycles impacted include those with due dates of Dec. 23, Dec. 30, Dec. 31, Jan. 4 and Jan. 8.

What steps are being taken to see that this does not happen again?

Again, BrightRidge did not cause delays that customers may be experiencing. All bills have been mailed timely. This is a national USPS issue.