Boone Lake Association postpones cleanup day due to COVID-19

One of the piles of tires pulled out of Boone Lake during an annual cleanup event by the Boone Lake Association. More than 200 tires were taken away and recycled during that cleanup in 2017.

Originally scheduled for April 25, the Boone Lake Association will be postponing its 21st Annual Boone Lake Clean-Up until summer or early autumn as a precaution against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“While it is the hope of everyone that we will return to normal more quickly, it just doesn’t make sense to suggest next month, and then having to cancel and schedule for the next month, and so on,” the association said in a press release Tuesday. “Rather, the association has made the decision to push the date back until the ‘coast is clear’ and volunteers can get out and help to improve the quality of the water by removing trash and litter.”

The new date will depend in part on the availability of the pavilion at Winged Deer Park for the annual picnic and awards help after the cleanup. The association said that facility is currently closed.

“In the meanwhile, the full time BLA Crew is in good health and working each day to keep the lake clean and safe,” the association said. “We will keep normal operations as long as it is prudent and reasonable with priority given to the health and safe working conditions of the crew.”