Aug. 29, 1872: The Herald and Tribune, a newspaper in Jonesboro, reported, “Last week the citizens of Johnson City had but little to excite them or break the monotony of the ‘hot and dull times’. But Macauber-like they waited patiently, and Friday morning last the spell was broken by the startling news that some strange things had taken place at or near the Cemetery, which is densely surrounded with undergrowth of fragrant bushes. After hearing the report of a few brave young gentlemen, full of life, visited the spot where the ‘row’ had taken place, and after a careful examination reported that the ‘signs’ indicated from the broken twigs and large amount of freshly culled leaves some terrible violence or unlawful action had taken place. We hope our correspondent from that place will be able to give the particulars of future investigation.”

Aug. 29, 1894: The Herald and Tribune reported, “Adam Bowman, of Johnson City, is the member of the State Executive Committee from this Congressional District.”

Aug. 29, 1917: The Johnson City Staff ran an announcement from Frank Brownlow, who was the organizer, and A.O. Searle, who was the secretary, that was directed to the Owls. “All members are requested to be present tonight, Wednesday at 7 p.m. sharp. As the charter closes this evening positively no applications will be received 8 o’clock p.m.”

Aug. 29, 1936: The Johnson City Chronicle ran news of 10 years previous. On Aug. 29, 1926, “Special trains between Johnson City and Bemberg are to be put in operation by the E.T. &W.N.C. railroad.” In other news from August 29, 1926, readers learned “New county officers will be sworn in and begin their tenure of office on September 1”, “A project for the establishment of an airline between Mexico City and Berlin is under consideration,” “Johnson City high school will open its grid campaign on September 24, playing Jonesboro,” and “County officials have announced rural schools in Washington county will begin the fall term August 30.”

Aug. 29, 1949: Carl Swann Studio ran an ad in the Johnson City Press-Chronicle. The Swann Studio was located in the Griffin Building, and the telephone number was 133.

Aug. 29, 1958: Gary Lee Motley, 2 1/2, was pictured in the Press-Chronicle getting his first haircut by barber D. W. Kimery. Chief Photographer Jimmy Ellis snapped the images.

Aug. 28, 1966: Yellow striping had been added to the New Jonesboro Highway. The Press-Chronicle published an image of the road near the entrance to the Skyline Drive-In, which sat where the car wash and shopping center are now adjacent to the West Market Street Walmart.

Aug. 29, 1972: An editorial in the Press-Chronicle emphasized the need for a medical school. Johnson City Memorial Hospital administrator Merrill Rayburn explained that many people were using the hospital emergency room “As a huge clinic to treat anything and everything from a nervous headache to a cold of two weeks duration.”

Aug. 29, 1980: The ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the Johnson City Medical Center Hospital.

Aug. 29, 1994: Tom Hodge wrote in his column in the Johnson City Press, “The Cuban fashion designer Manolo debuted a collection with a metal motif at an April show in New York City, inspired by and largely made from scraps gathered at the Brooklyn Bridge. One outfit featured a steel wool jumper worn underneath a metallic vest and a spiked-metal cummerbund-type ‘muff’”.

Aug. 29, 2008: Readers of the Johnson City Press learned that the “Elizabethton Municipal Airport and its manager, Randy Musick, have been honored as the best in the state. Johnson County Airport was named the most improved.”

Sources: Herald and Tribune; Johnson City Court Records; Johnson City Staff; Johnson City Chronicle; Johnson City Press-Chronicle; Ted Bowers; “A Beacon to Heath Care” by Ray Stahl; Johnson City Press

Sources: Herald and Tribune; Johnson City Court Records; Johnson City Staff; Johnson City Chronicle; Johnson City Press-Chronicle; Ted Bowers; "A Beacon to Heath Care" by Ray Stahl; Johnson City Press

Rebecca Henderson is a contributing columnist for Johnson City Press.

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