Munsey United Methodist Church members cut the ribbon and began planting in their new community garden on Thursday.

The garden was created to serve downtown residents and families from North Side Elementary School who are food insecure.

“If we are going to call ourselves disciples of Jesus Christ, that demands our full participation,” said Steve Wheeler, missions coordinator for Munsey. “Discipleship is not sitting in the stands. It involves action.”

The garden currently has four garden beds. Wheeler said volunteers plan to add six more within the next few weeks, and eventually plan to have a total of 20.

Volunteers planted tomatoes and peppers on Thursday, and will plant cucumbers and lettuce once the new beds are built. Plans are also in place to add benches to create a prayer and meditation spot for community use.

“We want community members to get their hands dirty in the planting,” said Wheeler. “We want them to have a vested interest in this. I mean, it’s for everyone, so roll up your sleeves and get dirty.”

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