Nov 15, 1884: A new sidewalk had been completed from the Presbyterian Church to the railroad.

Nov. 15, 1888: A “difficulty” had occurred the prior day at the Lewis House between W.R. Lewis and E.L. Hunnicut. Lewis had his head and arm badly hurt. An unknown person later shot Hunnicut three times, but did not injure him very seriously. The entire Lewis family was arrested the morning of the 15th and held for trial.

Nov. 15, 1894: The First National Bank of Johnson City had been closed on order of the comptroller. Bank examiner J.E. Miller Jr. declined to issue a statement for the reason. The building is now home to Freiberg’s Restaurant.

Nov. 15, 1906: Diners could get a good meal at the Star Restaurant for 25 cents every day. If that sounds like a bargain, perhaps it is — 25 cents is the equivalent of $7.15 in today’s money, roughly the price of a fast-food combo.

Nov. 15, 1957: “The Cyclops” and “Daughter of Dr. Jekyll” were the features at the Sevier Theatre on Spring Street.

Nov. 15, 1981: Chicago and Allen Kaye played to more than 4,800 fans at Freedom Hall Civic Center.

Nov. 15, 1982: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle featured an article about Jonson City School Board member Carolyn Overbay, who said, “Public education is the scapegoat for all the ills of the world because it’s the one thing that can’t fight back.” She was also quoted as saying, “Being an effective school board member is a full-time job.”

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Rebecca Henderson is a contributing columnist for Johnson City Press.

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