Puss 'N Boots top dog in American cat food

Look at their keen eyes, their silky coats! These kittens, fed Puss'n Boots regularly, play a merry game all day, winning their owners' delighted chuckles and smiles.

A cat food product advertisement in 1952 was meant to be a Puss'n Boots Cat adminition: Cat owners quickly found out what it means to be a Puss'n Boots Cat?”

The ad went on to say that cat pet owners should keep their pets sleek, strong and handsome. Puss'n Boots Cat Food was made of freshly caught whole fish carefully blended with choice cereals.

It furnished the proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, which are found in liver, beef salmon, milk and food from the table, including important Vitamin D. Feed Puss'n Boots regularly and see how much more fun it is to own a Pussn' n Boots cat.

An ad asked the following question: “Do you want to see your pet at its very best, brimming with playfulness... silkier of coat than you ever thought possible? If “yes,” just shovel in a spoonful of Puss 'n Boots in your cat's dish. Do it regularly and see the difference.

Puss “n Boots is balanced nourishment... contains all the minerals, proteins and carbohydrates your cat needs… and vitamins including vital vitamin D. Easy, but oh so right!

It's all cat food! Puss 'n Boots is made from specially caught whole fish, with healthful cereals added. No scraps of fillers were used. It's pressure cooked right in the can to keep the nutrients in. From kitten stage to ripe old age, it's all for your cat. Convenient eight ounce trial size of large 15- ounce economy size.

Puss 'n Boots advertised it product as “American's largest Cat Food … Adds the Plus in Health and Beautiful. See what it means to be a Puss'n Boots Cat.

Unfortunately, Puss 'n Boots Cat Food discontinued the product in 1953. It was advertised by Coast Fisheries, Division of The Quaker Oats Company.

The three cats shown display three lively cats. The mother loves her Puss'n Boots diet – it tastes so good. And she loves to see her youngsters enjoy their Puss 'n Boots – it helps keep them so healthy and alert.

Look at their keen eyes, their silky coats! These kittens eat Puss 'n Boots regularly, play a merry game all day, winning their owners' delighted chuckles and smiles. The ad concluded by saying, “Quality Makes It America's Largest Selling Cat Food.”

Meanwhile, his human crewmates were patching their vessel and refitting the engines, and under the cover of the night, the long dead engines came to life, and the Amethyst made a daring run to freedom.

From the high seas word spread of the role of the ship's cat in the crew's survival and at every port of call en route to England bags full of mail sent from around the world were presented to Simon.

It was comprised of letters of thanks, cards congratulating him for his heroism, gifts and treats from admirers. He so found himself the recipient of the Dickin Meta., the animal equivalent of the Victoria's Cross, the only cat ever so honored, and the Royal Navy even bestowed upon him an official rank: known as the “Able Sea Cat.”

The newspapers loved it. There was no hope of relief without the possibility of a full-scale war.

Retrobrands U.S.A. Inc. proudly announced that the famous and original Puss' N Boots” Cat Food Brand is being re-launched to cat lovers across America.

Originally introduced in the 1930s by Coats Fishing Company, the Puss' N Boots Cat Food Brand was acquired by Quaker Oats in the 1950s. Millions of dollars were spent on heavy advertising and the Puss' N Boots Cat Food Brand, which became the No. 1 cat food brand in America.

Sadly though, Del Monte Foods after acquiring the brand from Quaker Oats, discontinued and abandoned the brand in favor of its other cat food products, summarily dropping Puss'n.

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