KINGSPORT — Christina Larkin’s kind of wonder dog dons mustard, ketchup and sometimes coleslaw rather than a cape and mask — but that doesn’t mean she wants to settle for anything less than super.

Wonder Dogs sign vertical

Wonder Dogs dons a superhero theme with comic-like designs covering the blue food truck in the Big Lots parking lot.

“When you go to restaurants, you know when they have given up on their effort and quality,” Larkins said. “I want to replace that.”

wonder dog hot dog with chili and cole slaw closer

Customers have various topping options, including chili and coleslaw, a Wonder Dogs favorite, said Christina Larkins, the owner of the food truck.

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Wonder Dogs back of food truck sign

Larkins designed the comics seen on the food truck in honor of her son, who she says is her hero.

Wonder Dogs food truck man at window

Cary Dewitt waits at his favorite new lunch spot, Wonder Dogs, for his regular order — a hot dog with mustard, ketchup and onion.

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