Featured Artist: Loose Leaves begins work on new album

Loose Leaves is made up of Jacob Tipton on bass, right, Justin Hoard on drums and Trace Hoover on vocals and guitar.

Loose Leaves, a local rock band from Church Hill, have been playing together since they were in middle school. 

The band — made up of Trace Hoover on vocals and guitar, Justin Hoard on drums and Jacob Tipton on bass — describes itself as “funky-folksy rock ‘n roll or eclectic alternative,” according to the group’s Facebook page.

“If Funkadelic, John Prine and the Beatles were in a book club together reading H.P. Lovecraft and eating at Korean Taco House,” their description reads. 

Hoover said the band is currently working on a new album, which is set to be released this summer. Last week, Hoover reached out to the Johnson City Press to tell us more about the band, what they’ve been up to recently and the album currently in the works. 

Who are your biggest influences? 

The Beatles are a huge influence for us. We all grew up listening to them and admiring their songwriting and production, as well as their flawless vocal arrangement. Other influences include John Prine for his lyrics, Parliament/Funkadelic for their funky groove and the Rolling Stones for their raw, powerful and fun songs.

What kinds of changes has the band made in recent months? 

We’re really starting to focus in on what we want to do and be as a band. Getting closer as friends and growing as individuals. We’ve had some pretty recent traumatic experiences, and we’re learning to transmute the feeling of worry and dismay that might come from circumstances into honest, humble, vulnerable songs.

We’re also playing as much and as passionately as we can. Spreading into North Carolina and Virginia, and playing Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival for the second year in a row.

What can we expect from the band in the coming months? 

We are finishing up our next release Vehicle (#vehicleLP). This album is the result of a lot of growing and hard work. We’re very excited to share this with everyone sometime in late summer.

What’s the recording process like for your band?

Typically, one of us will write a song, and we’ll flesh it out at rehearsal. However, for us, a song isn’t completely finished until it’s recorded. The studio is where the song reaches its final form. We all give input into the process and have a great time creating together.

Where do you hope the band will be in five years?

We hope to be learning and growing and creating better and better music. We hope to reach more people and make more connections through our songs.