ERWIN — Sabrina Todd loves to learn.

Todd, an Erwin native and recent Unicoi County High School graduate, is working as an intern at the Unicoi County Public Library, where she says there is no shortage of learning. Between planning events, working circulation and even learning some hands-on life skills like how to change the oil in her car at the UCPL, Todd still finds time to read, and said her current favorite book is “My Brother’s Keeper” by Unicoi County-based author Courtnee Turner Hoyle.

What interests you about working in a library?

Libraries are peaceful, organized and filled with books and lovely people. There are fewer things that don’t interest me than things that do. I have been volunteering there for a little over two years now, and the idea of learning how everything stays organized was very enticing!

What are some of the skills you have learned on the job?

I have picked up many skills during my internship, and not just library skills, but life skills. I, of course, learned to work in circulation, but I also plan programs, prepare marketing for said programs and lead programs. I even learned how to change a tire and change oil!

What has been your favorite internship experience or moment so far?

My favorite experience thus far is attending a meeting to plan our end of summer reading event. I really got to experience how to brainstorm and theorize and discuss the details that go into planning a community event.

What has been the most challenging thing about the job so far?

Without a doubt, the hardest thing yet was introducing our story time guest from Warriors Path State Park, Marty Silver, to a group of about 70 people. I am not typically someone who has enough courage to talk to even one or two strangers, let alone speak in front of a small crowd, even if it is short.

What are your plans for the future?

Soon after completing my internship, I plan to attend Tennessee Tech University to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering, and I may even get my master’s in information science at some point after graduating and gaining some experience in the workforce. I like the idea of working in a public library just as much as I enjoy the idea of being an engineer.

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