Candice Yates

Candice Yates is a manager at Good Samaritian Ministries, but you won't find her in an office very much.

Candice Yates might be a manager at her job, but you won’t find her sitting in an office very often.

Yates, the retail and workforce manager for Good Samaritan Ministries, is in the trenches with her hand-picked team of employees who sort donated goods for the thrift store. Money from those sales go to support Good Sam’s outreach programs, including help for the homeless, various meal programs, a food pantry, holiday food program, summer food program and more.

Here are a few questions to get to know Yates a little better:

What is your job and what do you find most satisfying about it?

I recently transitioned from being in the corporate world to non-profit and that overall is satisfying. I love knowing that every day I work to give back to my community vs. a corporate set of folks who are disconnected from its customers. The customers I have in my thrift store are the community itself and many are people that our ministry serves on a daily basis. I have always had a passion for working within the community and within the nonprofit world and being able to serve people in a unique way hits all the highlights of my gifts and goals.

Where is your ideal vacation destination?

Iceland is on my list to visit. I have traveled to 28 countries and have been able to see so much of the world, but Iceland and the northern lights are #1 on the list of soon to travel to.

How do you describe Johnson City to people who may not be familiar with our region?

Johnson City is more than just a part of the Appalachian highlands but a small thriving community. I have lived in a lot of places and this is the one place that has captured my heart. It has a unique style of downtown mixed with mountains and adventure. The community is also constantly engaged and looking for ways to improve, grow, and nurture anyone who is a part of it.

What’s your favorite part of the workday?

My favorite part of the workday is any time I get to fuel the creativity with my team. I have a team of people who all have unique gifts and talents and my job allows for the flexibility to use those each day. I love moments when the collaborations of my people come together and our community can see how much we care about and love our job. Creative moments inspire people to learn more about our work and allow everyone on my team to have a role in the business.

Do you have a hobby or interest that might surprise some to know?

This past year I have found an interest and passion for the gym. My trainer and nutritionist have inspired me to dig deeper in the passion of self-care and weightlifting. I find myself longing to be at the gym after a stressful day, loving the feeling I get after pushing myself past my limits, and I’ve seen huge changes in how I engage in my surroundings since I have pushed my health to a top priority.

Fast facts:

Favorite condiment: Pour Frank’s Red Hot on EVERYTHING

Hometown: Rosedale VA

Favorite local restaurant: The Label

Pet peeve: Being Late

Sports team: Florida Gators