From Kim Blaine, the owner of Downtown Yoga Center:

"I began yoga in 1999. During that first class, I remember the voice in my head saying 'This is what I want to do! I want to be a yoga teacher!'"

"I had no idea where that road would lead me, and I was very patient, but it led me to the greatest revelation of what can happen when you follow your heart, your intuition, and let the universe do its thing."

"It wasn't long after I moved to the South Bay area of Los Angeles in 2002 that I did my first Yoga Teacher Training. I took as many classes as I could with the "pioneers" of the Western yoga movement, taught wherever and whenever I could, with whoever would have me. It wasn't always easy and there were times when I questioned myself but I kept on."

"Suddenly, in 2009, timing and synchronicity fell into place and I had an opportunity to buy my own yoga studio! This was a great experience and I ran it for four years until I decided to sell and move back to my homeland of southern Appalachia/East Tennessee. That happened in August, 2014, and I am so grateful for the warm welcome from the yoga community in this area. I'm so genuinely moved by the glowing faces on the students, and making friends with new people. This feels like forever, but you never know where the road will lead you."

"I love to teach Power Yoga with a slow, deep-breath-focused flow. Yin Yoga, how I love thee! Deep stretches are just what we all need. It's the one class where I tell people I'm actually jealous that I'm teaching the class instead of taking it. Both strength and stretch are essential to longevity. "

"I've worked with private clients who have needs ranging from demanding schedules, to eating disorders, scoliosis, general stiffness and tightness, and more. I also love working with Athlete Programs; football, volleyball, lacrosse, just to name a few. If you can get a team on the same page with focus and breath, it will definitely make a difference when it's time to compete!

I am E-RYT 500 and YACEP certified with Yoga Alliance. This has lead to many programs at Downtown Yoga Center to grow the yoga community in East TN. Teacher Trainings, workshops, and extended education modules are on the calendar constantly."

"Look forward to seeing you on the mat!"