Celebrating our fathers

Evan Mays • Jun 17, 2018 at 6:30 AM

From the moment you were born, there has always been a very important man in your life. From waking up in the middle of the night to rock you back to sleep, to staying up with you when you’re sick, dads do a lot for us all and don’t get nearly enough credit. But, Father’s Day is upon us, and community members everywhere have begun to celebrate their dads. 

Father and son in law enforcement

Sergeant Jim Tallmadge of the Johnson City Police Department said that this Father’s Day, the thing he wants his dad to know the most is that he’s proud to have him as his father. 

Sergeant Tallmadge’s dad, Harvey Tallmadge, has been a volunteer at the police department for about 15 years, and City Hall workers and employees at the police department alike cherish him and the hard work he does. Another person who cherishes Harvey is his wife.

“One of the thing’s I’m most proud of when it comes to my dad, is that he has never taken off his wedding ring in the 49 years he’s been married,” Sergeant Tallmadge said. 

Generational knowledge

“He was a man,” said Anthony Snow about his father.

Snow, who enjoyed the sunny weather on Tuesday in Downtown Johnson City, said that his father, Danny Snow, “did what men should do.”

“He passed on things to me, like an interest in carpentry and working with my hands. And now I can pass those things down to my kids,” Anthony Snow said. 

Dad jokes

Abbey Clinker, a student at ETSU, said she has always been able to count on her dad. 

“My dad has always been the one person I could count on to cheer me up and make me laugh,” Clinker said. 

Abbey’s dad, Jason Clinker, works for Advanced HomeCare in Kingsport. But, she said that never prevented him from devoting time to her and her sister. 

“All of my favorite memories of my dad are of him joking around with my sister and me, and acting like a bigger kid than either of us. The trips to Dollywood or the beach or even Christmas, he was always more excited than us,” Clinker said. 

“He honestly could make anyone in this world laugh and I’m so thankful he’s my dad. Happy Father’s Day, I love you Dad.”

Don’t forget the gift

Now that Father’s Day is here, have you gotten your dad a gift? Well, if not, you’re not alone. Sales are up at businesses all around the community. 

One-Stop Liquor Store owner, Phil Scharfstein, said that this time of year, sales in expensive products always go up. 

“We usually see a lot of bourbon and scotch being sold near Father’s Day, and this year is no different,” Scharfstein said.

“We’ve also realized that red wine makes a great Father’s Day gift,” Scharfstein added. “We see lots of people come in for some Merlot or other expensive brands.”

Scharfstein said that his own father is a very big inspiration to him. 

“Dad was a very innovative thinker,” Scharfstein said. “I worked with him for many years while he built this business. He built a large inventory and got the best prices in the area. He was always very customer oriented. 

“He loved his Scotch, so my brother and I never had to wonder what to get him for Father’s Day,” Scharfstein joked. 

Dad jokes and socks and sandals aside, dads do a lot. They lay the foundation for the path one takes in life, they are a shoulder to cry on and they are the one person you can always count on to be in your corner. Not to mention, they can make some amazing burgers. So, this Father’s Day, join your neighbors in celebrating your dad. Let him know why you’re thankful to have him, and make sure to laugh at his jokes — even if they aren’t funny.

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