Man charged with violation of sex offender registry

John Thompson • Nov 27, 2019 at 6:34 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Williams Blevins, 34, Johnson City, was arrested Monday on three counts of violation of the sex offender registry after Officer James R. Carver found Blevins in possession of a cell phone, tablet computer and an unregistered phone number.

Carver said that possession of the items by Blevins were violations of the sex offender registry.

Carver said that duding a home visit to Blevins, he found Blevins in possession of an LG smart phone, an RC tablet, an unregistered email account of “[email protected]” a Facebook account of “Kamakazi Vegabond” and an unregistered phone number.

After the discovery of the devices and unregistered accounts, Carver said Blevins admitted ownership of the phone and tablet, which contained the unregistered information.

Carver said Blevins had been convicted of rape in Carter County Criminal Court.

Blevins had his first day in Carter County Sessions Court on the charges on Tuesday. Judge Keith Bowers Jr. appointed a public defender for Blevins and set his next court appearance for Dec. 3.

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