Johnson City Police nearing completion of new training facility

Becky Campbell • Jul 14, 2019 at 7:55 PM

For decades, the Johnson City Police Department has conducted some of its classroom-type training in old school portable classroom buildings that in recent years began to leak and attract some not-so-attractive wildlife, including snakes of varying size and species.

But by mid-September, the officers who train there will have a much larger building, which measures 5,000 square feet — almost double the 2,800 square feet the old building had. The facility is equipped with all the accoutrements of modern technology, including energy saving automated LED lights, data connectivity, a kitchen area — minus a stove — restrooms and showers.

He said the previous building could accomodate “30 to 40 people if you packed them in like sardines, and there was only one restroom.”

Not only are there public men’s and women’s restrooms, but there are men’s and women’s restrooms for employees as well. Sexton and the department’s other training officers will have offices in the building, too.

“It’s a multi-use facility with a 60-person classroom, automated projector screen, a sound system and data cables,” JCPD Sgt. Keith Sexton, who oversees the training facility, said recently. The building has polished concrete floors for low-maintenance upkeep. The new facility is also ADA compliant so anyone with disabilities will have easier access.

Sexton said the JCPD won’t be the only agency that gets to take advantage of the facility. In past years, the department has had eight agencies use the aging facilities, and he’s sure those organizations will enjoy the improvements.

“It’s going to be a great change for us because we can just do so much more here,” Sexton said. The facility grounds will also feature an upgraded rifle range, he said.

There are still two portable classrooms still being used at the facility, but they are in better shape than the one that was replaced, he said. There is also room for future expansion on the property if it’s ever needed.


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